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Peek at the Week

Welcome to Fourth Grade!!

I am so happy to be teaching and getting to know your child this year! My contact information is On this website, I will include our math daily lesson, as well as science and social studies weekly lessons. I check my email at least twice a day between 7:30 and 3:30, but any emails after 3:30 will be answered the following morning. I look forward to inspiring and growing your child in math, social studies, and science throughout this year!!   

We will take a mad minute test weekly, usually on Tuesdays. This is a G1 weekly grade. 

Students are given time during the week to complete IReady lessons/assignments. They are given grades based on completing the amount of time and lessons They are required to have 45 minutes per week with 2 lessons passed. 

Signed papers will be sent home every Tuesday to be signed and need to be sent back on Wednesday.

PE is on Thursdays! Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes on that day! 

First nine weeks' mad minute will be multiplying one digit by one digit. Example: 5x8.

May 19- nine wk. challenge 

May 22- awards night