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Peek at the Week



Patriot Palooza and Talent Show is Friday!!!



Tuesday, May 2nd, will be the state MATH test for us.  This is the last one!!!! Again, please make sure that all students are well rested, fed, and here. Thank you so much for your support!!

Wednesday, May 3rd, is Ms. Shelby Lang's last day!  She has been a wonderful intern for us from DSU.  Ms. Shelby has been hired to teach first grade next year in Greenville!!  If you would like to send supplies that she may need, I'll be making her a basket with the class for her.  I believe she has a classroom wish list on Amazon( well!  Thank you and we are almost done. However, I will still be getting grades.



Thursday, April 27th, will be the state Writing test for us.   Please make sure your child is here, fed, and ready to go.  We are almost done! The state Math test is Tuesday, May 2.  Hang in there everyone!!

We should get results for the Reading Gate around May 3-5. I'll let you know ASAP!


Tuesday, APRIL 18TH- State Reading Gate Assessment.  Make sure that your child has had a good night's rest, good breakfast, on time, and here! :)  Please encourage them to do their best. 

Wednesday will be our field trip.  If you haven't sent an additional $7 to the bus driver, please send it in when you can.


Newsletter   There will be a spelling test on Thursday.    Compound words are on the back of your child's newsletter.

Third grade Reading Gate is April 18th. Please do not worry!  :)  Our kids are ready!  We just need to encourage them to do their best(which includes reading the directions. Ha!) They can read for enjoyment for homework this week.  Thank you for all of your support!!




Field Trip

3-27-23   Newsletter

Our Reading Gate test is less than a month away.  Please encourage your child to practice reading for fluency and comprehension.  They can do this with books from home, iReady, or go to . 

3-20-23  Newsletter                  

Ms. Shelby will be teaching Charlotte's Web  this week.  Students will be expected to read chapters at home and be prepared to discuss.  They will need their books EVERYDAY.  Please make sure they have them in their backpacks every morning.  Thank you for your help with this. 



We will be testing on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, so our schedule will vary.  Thank you for your support!

The Book Fair will also be this week!! Third grade will go at designated times.



Read Across America Week!!!

Monday-  Read with a buddy day.  Our third graders will be reading to Kindergarten students.

Tuesday- Reading is cool day.  Wear sunglasses.

Wednesday-  Wacky Wednesday.  Wear Crazy socks!!

Thursday-  The Cat in the Hat Day.  Wear a RED uniform shirt.

Friday-  Read My Shirt Day.  Wear a shirt that must be read.  The messages should be appropriate.





Happy Valentine's Day!



Progress Reports Feb. 8th. 

Valentine's Party Feb. 10th.                    





BPAC Friday-  "Grace for President"



Update!!!!!  There will be no Reading comprehension or  Reading vocabulary test on Friday.

It will be rescheduled to next Thursday.

Report cards go home Friday, Jan. 13th.  No school on Monday, Jan. 16th.  


Reminder that fluency has increased to 130 correct words per minute.  Practice, practice, practice!  :)

We will begin dictation of sentences on spelling test starting this week as practice.  We will begin grading dictation next spelling test.

Nine week Challenge permission slips(if they qualified) are due tomorrow, Jan. 6.  They will leave for bowling at around 11:30.  Thank you!



There will be no newsletter this week.  We will NOT have spelling or a reading story this week.  We will be doing articles on NEWSLEA all week until we dismiss for Christmas break!  

WE WILL HAVE A SHURLEY ENGLISH TEST ON TUESDAY. We were supposed to take it Friday.  However, I didn' t feel the students were ready so we will review again Monday.  

Thank you for your support and have a lovely week!!



DSU play Tues.  "Night Before Christmas"








Newsletter            back of newsletter

Ms. Caitlyn will be teaching reading next week!  She will be teaching from the book, A Bad Case of Stripes. The book will be available on their Google Classroom.  The newsletter will look a little different. Please make sure you check their homework folder every night and review their things in  binders.

Vocab. for A Case of Bad Stripes-  contagious, specialist, bizarre, embarrassed, heaping, worried. 

They will have spelling words and vocabulary for this book.  Spelling test will be Thursday with Spelling Choice as their homework.

Spelling Words:  expert, doctor, normal, virus, heaping, impress, rainbow, fungus, worried, vanish

Because of  our Halloween parties on Friday, the 28th, we will have our vocab. and comprehension test on Monday, Oct. 31st.

There will be a Shurley eng. grade this week as well.  Thank you!  Happy Halloween!!

Vocab. Workshop unit 6 - Syn/Ant. quiz on Thursday. WE WILL NOT HAVE A QUIZ ON SYN/ANT UNTIL NEXT WEEK.  THANK YOU





Report Cards go home Thursday, Oct. 13. 


Unit 4 Vocabulary Workshop

No spelling this week

Reading - Pop's Bridge  Vocab. is the same as last week.

BOOKFAIR this week!

Harvest Fest is Tuesday, Oct. 4th.

DSU- BPac " Dog Man" Oct. 5th, Wednesday at 11:45



School uniform pictures are Wednesday, Sept. 28.



Open House is Monday, Sept. 19. 





Wow!  We are really getting busy in third grade!  We will be beginning our fluency passages Monday.  Remember to practice at home.  They will be reading a passage they haven't seen before.  110 correct words per minute.

We do not have spelling words this week since we took our test last Thursday, so no spelling homework.  Just a reminder about homework: We are teaching responsibility to our students. I stop class and remind them often to put their homework in the designated basket.   Although they may have completed it and left it at home, they will receive a No Homework note.  3 notes in a nine week period is a detention.

Loopy letters in cursive will begin Monday as well.  The kids are really excited about this.  Remember that students will transition to complete cursive by the 4th nine weeks.

Lastly, we have iReady testing this week.  This is the last of our beginning of year testing.  We will be on our regular routine after these tests are completed.

Thank you for your support.



Thank you for a great first week.  ELS benchmark testing this week, so the schedule may adjust at times.  I will let you know through School Status.


Click on the Newsletter.                   

 Summer Reading-  Volcano!  A Survival Story by Jake Maddox and Volcanoes by Martha Rustad    

   AR quizzes due for summer reading Aug. 12, 2022. I will average the two grades together and give one minor grade.

Hello third grade parents and students! I am so excited about beginning this new year and get to know all of you.Here are just a few tips to get us off to a great start this school year.

You may want to pack or send money for a small snack and a fresh water bottle(with a lid) for break time.

We will be going over rules and procedures and taking assessments to see where each student is instructionally.  We will begin our reading story, Vocabulary Workshop, spelling, and Shurley English  as soon as time allows. 

Please remind your child how they are getting home in the afternoon. Sometimes we forget because of first day gitters! 

Check their binder and homework folder every night for important information or homework. Also, check Activeparent to stay on top of your students' grades.  Graded papers come home on Tuesday unless there is a holiday or we let you know on School Status.

Lastly, thank you for being patient and so supportive.  If you need anything, you can contact me via email: