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30 Book Challenge

The 30 Book Challenge is a PERSONAL challenge for 3rd-6th graders.  The challenge is to read 30 books throughout THIS school year from a wide range of genres.  This is NOT A GRADE NOR IS IT MANDATORY!  It is meant to push students to embrace a cuture of reading, to explore all genres, to develop a love for reading, and push them beyond their "comfort zone".  This is our first year implementing the "30 Book Challenge" - please bear with us through this challenge!

The Rules:

* Each book must be read the THE STUDENT! 

* Books MUST have been read THIS school year - August 9, 2021 - May 2022.

* Books should be within the student's ZPD range.

* Books can only count ONCE.  (For example, you can't read "The Wizard of Oz" and count it as a Fantasy book AND a Movie book.)

* There is no particular order that books have to read in.

* Books that are more than 300 pages count as 2 books.

* Students will be required to take an AR test on each book read. Only those with a grade of 60 or higher can count towards the challenge.

* Books read to students in class or in library cannot be recorded for this competition.  Books must be read individually by the student.

* The 30 Book Challenge Google Form MUST be filled out for the book to count. If the form isn't filled out, the book will not count.  That is my way of tracking each student's progress. You can find the link to the form on the Library page under Surveys or on your child's Library Google Classroom. 

Genre Requirements:

Humor/Funny - 2 books

Realistic Fiction - 2 books

Historical Fiction - 1 book

Fantasy - 2 books

Science Fiction - 1 book

Acventure/Mystery - 2 books

Traditional literature (Fairy Tales, Fables, Folktales) - 1 book

Informational (Non-fiction) - 5 books

Biography/Autobiography - 3 books

Poetry - 1 book

A book that was made into a movie - 2 books

Chapter books (your choice) - 3 books

Picture books (your choice - within ZPD range) - 5 books


1) Start reading now

2) Make sure your child is READING EACH NIGHT... at least 20 minutes!