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Summer Reading

2023 Summer Reading

For summer reading, students should read ONE FICTION and ONE NONFICTION of his/her choice.  K-2nd graders can read an EASY READER book.  3rd-6th must choose a CHAPTER fiction book.  Books of choice can be purchased, borrowed from a friend, checked out from the public library, or read online through the student's Clever account (myOn, Capstone, Abdo, or MackinVia).

Assignments will be due by Friday, August 18, 2023, at the beginning of the school day FOR A GRADE.  Students will be allowed to take an AR test on both books if they choose.

Books should follow book levels for AR below.  (Check for AR books and their levels/points.)

     K - Read .5 level or above

     1st - Read .8 book level or above

     2nd - Read 1.5 book level or above

     3rd - Read 2.5 book level or above

     4th - Read 3.5 book level or above

     5th - Read 4.0 book level or above

     6th - Read 4.5 book level or above

Complete the assignments or graphic organizers given to you with report card or attached below.

Students are also WELCOME and ENCOURAGED to read any ebooks that are available on myOn, Mackin, Capstone, or Abdo for their reading pleasure over the summer!  Take advantage of this free reading!


  • Access the Cleveland School District webpage by going to
  • Click Quick Links and then choose Clever from the drop-down menu.
  • Log in to Clever by typing in your username and password. The Username is your child’s MSIS number (begins with 00). The password is the MSIS number also.
  • Click on myOn, Mackin, Capstone Library, or Abdo Digital.
  • If it asks for another username/password for any of these 3 sites, use the following:

         Username: hayescooper      Password:  books

  • You can search for the book you are looking for. All the books above are Multi-user books, which means it can be read by multiple users at the same time.

K-6 Requirements

1st-2nd Handouts

3rd-6th Handouts